2013 Container House Workshops


Join us for an insanely fun, hands-on, & educational workshop:


Our Container House Workshops will teach you insightful & extensive information that you will need to build and create your very own shipping container house; from selecting a 2nd hand container, to selecting the materials you need, to helping you choose the right tools.

You Will Learn

  • How a ISBU Shipping Container is Constructed
  • How to Purchase a Suitable Second Hand Container
  • The Biggest Mistakes Made when Building with Containers
  • Getting Your Container Project Approved to Build
  • Sustainable & Environmental Design Considerations
  • Foundations & Footing for Container Buildings
  • Shipping Container Construction Dos & Don’ts

Each workshop includes 3 full meals per day (you won’t be hungry!), camping accommodations, bathing facilities, & everyone is encouraged to stay on site. So, come and join us for some serious fun and learning you won’t forget!